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OriMeCre© stands for Original Mesh Creation: it is a project intended to highlight the original mesh creation and the talented designers on the Grid who dedicate their time and creativity to provide Second Life® fashion and design customers qualitative and exclusive mesh products.
Without diminishing the work of those brand who modifiy ready-made mesh products, we intend to reward those designers and brands who invest time, talent and creativity in search of their original voice in the world of fashion and design. The OriMeCre© logo certifies to the customer that the product he is buying has an added value in terms of talent, creativity and days of works spent creating it.

Since we are deeply committed to the originality of the products we promote, you can be sure that all designers and brands connected to the OriMeCre© project and showing the OrimeCre© logo are not using ready-made meshes in the creation of their products, nor they will be selling their creations as builder/fashion kits to third party. OriMeCre© logo grants the customer that the products bought are solely and exclusively sold by the brand who created them.